Posted by Wendy Chang on Feb 06, 2023
 Neil Postman once said, “Children are the living messages we send to a future we will not see.” Today, our youth are suffering from depression, anxiety, and suicide ideation at unprecedented rates, and, for the first time in human history, we have separated our youth from the elders and wisdom keepers of the culture. Can reconnecting youth with elders be a partial solution?

Having spent more than 4000 hours answering calls on a suicide hotline and thousands of hours working with teens in an anti-drug, anti-alcohol program, Roger Breisch has learned a great deal about the challenges and miracles that comprise much of the human journey. Roger has shared his insights with cross the country.

Roger has lived an eclectic life. He holds a Master of Science in Mathematics from Northern Illinois University and a Master of Science in Management from the Sloan School at MIT. During his career he taught high school, was a manager for a Fortune100 company, owned a management consulting company, and, most recently, ran the local Chamber of Commerce. During his professional career, Roger has volunteered extensively. He chaired the local 4th ofJuly Fireworks for 17 years, works with teens in an anti-alcohol, anti-drug program, and spent more than 4000 hours answering calls on the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline over that past 20 years.
Roger speaks and writes extensively. He has spoken at TEDxIIT, TEDxQuincy, and TEDxQuincyStudio. He published two books: “Questions That Matter,” and “Humanity’s Journey Home.” Today, Roger focuses on helping others discover a “Life That Matters.” He and Judi, his wife of 40 years, have two grown children and live in Batavia, Illinois.