Pacesetters is our Club's Signature Program. It is a program in which college students have the opportunity to learn from professional trainers and work closely with mentors (Rotarians) in their field of interest, to develop the skills needed in the workplace, thus positioning themselves favorably for employment after graduation. It is also a chance for them to get to know Rotary and what Rotarians do.
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"The Pacesetters Program is definitely meeting my goal of increasing my knowledge and skills critical in the workforce. I now have a greater understanding in communicating effectively and working with others despite any generational or personality I now know how to work along those lines. This has also helped me become more confident in myself speaking with professionals as I have a better idea of what their thought process is and what they are looking for...I personally loved the fact that the Capstone Project was part of the Pacesetters Program because it really tests how we have grown as an individual and a group while allowing us to use the teamwork, network, and communication skills we have obtained through the sessions." Pacesetter, October 2014