The Rotary club of East Honolulu is joining with other Rotary Clubs as part of our Strong Mental Health platform. 

Will you come walk with us or donate?  Click the link below to join our team.

Event Details

Date: 09/09/2023

Location: Skygate @ Frank Fasi Civic Center Park, Honolulu, HI

Registration Starts: 8:00 am

Program Begins: 9:00 am


The Community Walks, held in hundreds of communities across the country, are the core of the Out of the Darkness movement, which began in 2004. These events give people the courage toopen up about their own connections to the cause, and a platform to create a culture that’s smarter about mental health. Friends, family members, neighbors and coworkers walk side-by-side, supporting each other and in memory of those we’ve lost.

AFSP funds groundbreaking suicide research, laying the foundation for the most important findings in the field. This year we’re funding 38 new studies, bringing our total current investment to $20 million, with 100 ongoing studies. 2. Through research, we can discover new ways to save lives. Most of the world’s leading suicide prevention researchers have been supported by AFSP at some point in their career, and these studies have made major contributions in preventing suicide.